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The Barony of SunDragon is the western Phoenix, Arizona chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). The SCA is an international organization dedicated to researching and re-creating pre-17th-century European history.

To make the SCA more manageable, the Known World has been broken up into groups called Kingdoms and these Kingdoms are further sub-divided into more local groups called Baronies. The Barony of SunDragon is a local chapter of the Kingdom of Atenveldt and the Kingdom of Atenveldt geographically covers all of Arizona in the United States of America.

The Kingdom of Atenveldt was the fourth kingdom created and it was founded in January 1971 (which was in the fifth year of the SCA). When it was founded, Atenveldt covered a much larger geographical region than it does today. But as the SCA grew, kingdoms were spun out of Atenveldt (like Trimaris in Florida or the Outlands in New Mexico).

Each kingdom is ruled by a King and Queen and each barony is ruled by a Baron and Baroness. The method of choosing the King and Queen and Baron and Baroness varies by kingdom, barony, custom, and tradition. In the Barony of SunDragon, the Baroness and Baron are chosen by a polling of the populace and they serve a maximum three year term.

There are many officers in the Barony in addition to the Baroness and Baron, who work hard to keep the barony running smoothly. 

We highly encourage you to join our closed Facebook group: Here

The Facebook group is where we share most of our day-day information about the activities of the barony.

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