Petition for the Canton of SunDragon to become a Barony

Barons and Baronesses

This is a list of the Barons and Baronesses who have ruled in Sundragon

1 Alys

10/16/1983 - 7/20/1985

Cherie and Ioseph

7/20/1985 - 2/18/1990
Vicary Gilda and Nootka

2/18/1990 - 6/24/1990
3 Gilda and Nootka

6/24/1990 - 4/5/1992
4 Tamira and Arthur

4/5/1992 - 11/11/1995
5 Rowan and Wilhelus

Image of Rowan of the TitansImage of Wilhelus le Casse

11/11/1995 - 8/22/1999
5 Rowan

Image of Rowan of the Titans

8/22/1999 - 10/30/1999
6 Tatiana and Dmitri

10/30/1999 - 3/30/2002
7 Deborah and Diego


3/30/2002 - 3/26/2005
8 Katheline and Ryan


3/26/2005 - 3/14/2008
9 Theresa and Robert

 Image of Theresa von ElpImage of Robert Aonghus of Loch Mohre

3/15/2008 - 3/26/2011
10 Viola and Wilhelus

3/26/2011 - 3/28/2014
11 Simon and Gwenffrey

 Arms of Simon Aaron of Windermere: Sable, a thistle, on a chief argent three thistles gules.

3/28/2014 - 3/25/2017
12 Jacqueline and Gefroi



3/25/2017 - 3/28/2020

 13  Valdisa and Wolff

 3/28/2020 - 3/25/2023


SunDragon's Banner flew in the International Space Station!

The Kingdom court on Sunday at Estrella War saw the fruition of something that
has been years in the making.  In the Reign of Robert and Theresa, Maestro Baron Diego made the Baronial war dragon banner, that was given into the keeping of a member of the SunDragon family and was charged with a this special mission. This weekend Brian Kemp returned that banner to the Barony...his mission fulfilled.

He also presented a Certificate of Authenticity from NASA and a photo of the
Banner being displayed inside the space station by Flight Engineer Tracy
Caldwell Dyson. With the image of the earth shining through the windows behind
the banner.

How out of this world cool is that!!!

SunDragon's Banner flew in the International Space Station during Expeditions
23, 24, and 25. It logged over 352 days in space, circled earth at an average
altitude of 218 status miles, traveling at a speed of 17,500 miles per hour, and
traveled app. 140,236,800 statue miles around the planet Earth.

We are awed and humbled by this moment of history. We will work to make certain
that this event and these images are placed upon the Baronial webpage and into
the hands of every member of SunDragon that we can. We have claimed space as
belonging to SunDragon, in the name of the King of Atenveldt, of course; and
will be filing the proper paperwork with the Kingdom Seneschal. ;^)

Baroness Viola Baron Wilhelus

Photograph by Holly Jordon

Photograph by Holly Jordon

Photograph by Trischia Wadey

Photograph by Trischia Wadey
Baroness Viola and Baron Wilhelus

M'Lord Alaric Von Bern & his Lady
 Photograph by Trischia Wadey