Your Barony is in need of YOUR assistance.

Your Barony Needs YOU!

The best way to feel a part of any place is to become an active part.

It takes a lot of people to run a Barony well. We need you to make that happen. Positions open up for many reasons: Warrants Expire, Members Move or the position has been vacated in order to help at the Kingdom level. SunDragon has several positions that are open and ready to be filled. The positions do not require a lot of work or effort, and they can be quite a bit of fun. 

If you have any questions, please ask a current or past officer. We would be happy to answer any questions you have.

If you are interested, please send an email to the SunDragon Coronet, Seneschal, and the appropriate Kingdom counterpart (if applicable).

Please include:

                      SCA Name

               路         Mundane name

               路         Why you feel you are a good fit

               路         Goals for your tenure

               路         Mailing Address

               路         Phone Number

               路         SCA membership number and expiration date

The Barony of SunDragon is soliciting for applications for the following positions.



Brief Description


Archery - Captain of the Archers

The Captain of the Archers runs archery practices and tournaments, ensures safety, maintains loaner gear, and files monthly reports

Until filled

Archery - Lt of the Archers

Assist the Captain of the Archers as needed.

Until filled

Archery - Deputy Marshal

Assist the Captain of the Archers as needed.

Until filled

Armored Combat Deputy Marshal

Assist the Armored Combat Marshal as needed. Marshal as needed, assist with rapier training and tournaments, maintain loaner equipment, and file monthly reports.

Until filled

Chronicler Deputy

Assist the Chronicler in collect articles, photos, drawing, and ideas and publishing the monthly Chronus.

Until filled

Demo Coordinator

Act as the point of contact for organizing demonstrations and demo participants.

Until filled

Exchequer Deputies
(gate - multiple)

The barony has an exchequer deputy; however, more are needed to run gate at baronial events (Mixed Weapons War, Fabric War, Champions, and Solstice). These positions will require a couple of hours of work at those events.

Until filled

Mistress of the List

Runs tournaments as needed.

Until filled

Minister of Arts and Sciences (MoAS) Deputy

Assist the MoAS with organizing and running classes, running monthly A&S displays, and filing monthly reports.

Until filled

Minister of Arts and Sciences (MoAS) Emergency

Assist the MoAS as needed.

Until filled

Prism Herald

This person is the primary herald for the barony. He or she is responsible for all activities that fall under this office. (The activities can be delegated.) No experience needed.

First posting

Voice Deputy

These deputies are the voice of the Baroness and Baron. They announce court, call forth individuals, and read awards. 

Until filled

Book Deputy

Assist members to submit names and devices to the college of heralds, collects money as applicable, and files appropriate paperwork/submissions.

Until filled

Order of Precedence Deputy

Maintains the Order of Precedence (and awards) for the barony.

Until filled

Photo Deputy

Takes photos at events and practices and obtains all appropriate releases.

Until filled

Rapier Marshal

Marshal as needed, assist with rapier training and tournaments, maintain loaner equipment, and file monthly reports.

Until filled

Rapier Deputy Marshal

Assist the Rapier Marshal as needed.

Until filled

Regalia Officer

Tracks and maintains the baronial regalia.

Until filled

Sheriff Deputy

Assist sheriff as needed. This person will assist with lost and found, and organizing and running a watches.

Until filled

Sheriff Emergency

Assist Sheriff as needed.

Until filled

Social Media Deputy

Assist the Social Media officer by making social media postings and virtual meetings.

Until filled

Seneschal Deputies (multiple)

The Seneschal鈥檚 office handles the business side of our dream. These individuals compile monthly reports, run the officer鈥檚 meeting, sign contracts, maintain warrants, and more.

The office has a deputy; however, they can always use additional volunteers. If you have ever been curious about this office, submit a letter.

Until filled

Waiver Secretary

Maintains a membership roster and collects non-member insurance waivers and verifying memberships at all Fighter Practices as well as submitting a monthly report. This position is a great way to meet people.

Until filled

Waiver Deputy (multiple)

Assist the waiver secretary as needed.

Until filled


Creates, updates, and maintains the baronial website.

Until filled

Webminister Deputy

Assist the Webminister as needed

Until filled

Youth Activities Coordinator

Coordinates youth activities at baronial events and practices.

Until filled

Youth Activities Deputy

Assist the Youth Activity Coordinator.

Until filled

Youth Combat Marshal

Our Youth Combat Marshal鈥檚 warrant expires this summer, and he has decided not to extend. This position runs and trains our youth marshalled activities, maintains our youth loaner armor, and files monthly reports.

Until filled

Youth Combat Deputy Marshal

Assist the Youth Combat Marshal as needed.

Until filled