The Sundragon Chatelaine is a unique position in the SCA. At the corporate level of the SCA, a chatelaine is the title for the newcomer officer. In the middle ages the title "Chatelaine" or "Steward" (the male counterpart) referred to the individual who was responsible for organization and management of a noble's household.  This is the role of the Sundragon Chatelaine (or Steward). This person is responsible for managing and coordinating the baronial court, assisting the Baroness and Baron, and with maintaining the baronial awards that given to members for their accomplishments.  They are a confidant to the coronet.

The Chatelaine/Steward works very closely with the Baronial Champion, and, like the Champion,  is selected annually by the Baroness and Baron through rigorous competition that includes demonstration in the ability to create awards regalia, cooking, participating in period dance, a written test, and an interview with the Coronet. 

A Sundragon Chatelaine/Steward is considered to always be one, even after the completion of his or her tenure, and is expected to serve the Sundragon Coronet in the place of the current Chatelaine/Steward when called upon. 

The Badge of the Chatelaine/Steward of Sundragpon

Current Chatelaine

Lady Elizabeth Redfernn

Chatelaines and Stewards

Barony of SunDragon

Chatelaine & Stewards

1. Gytha of the Bows


     Blazon:  Purpure, a cup inverted, its bowl pierced by an arrow fesswise, barb to sinister, all within a bordure wavy Or.

2. Karisha

3. Meghan Kendra of Blackwood

4. Aurora d’Escosse


5. Elfleda Tarsella of Bethoc


  6. Blanche Cecile d’Etoile Noir (deceased)


     Blazon: Argent, mulletty of six points a chevron rompu sable and in base a wyvern statant.

7. Lillian of the Distant Shores


     Blazon:  Per chevron azure semy of compass stars Or, and vert, a chevron double cotised argent and in base a fleur-de-lys Or.

8. Ceit Ailse nic Ardis


9. Rhodri Longshanks


     Per pale azure and gules, two ferrets combatant argent, a base embattled Or.

10.Angelique de Bois


     Blazon:  Sable, in pale a skull argent and a peacock feather fesswise reversed Or.

11. Ninian Ende


12. Gytha of the Bows


     Blazon:  Purpure, a cup inverted, its bowl pierced by an arrow fesswise, barb to sinister, all within a bordure wavy Or.

13. Brenna MacGhie of Kintyre


     Blazon:  Per pall Or azure and purpure, a heart gules and two crossbows Or.

14. Honor Catlin nic Curtin


     Blazon:  Argent, in bend sinister four pawprints bendwise sinister between two cats sejant respectant sable.

15. Dughall Mach Eoghainn Mach Laomuinn


16. Hrefna Karlsefni (October 1999)


     Blazon:  Per pale Or ermined purpure and purpure, a feather argent.

17. Theresa Von Elp (October 2000 - Baroness Tatiana)


     Blazon:  Or, a tortoise vert and a chief gules.

18. Robert Aonghus of Loch Mohr (October 2001 - Baroness Tatiana & Baroness Deborah)


     Blazon: Per chevron Or and azure, two thistles vert and a scorpion Or.

19.Rosalinda Francisca Gertrude Kesselheim (October 2002 - Baroness Deborah)


     Blazon:  Per fess vert and gules, a peacock in its pride, a bordure Or.

20. Katalena Aleksandrova (October 2003 - Baroness Deborah) 


     Blazon:  Argent, a chevron vert between three borage flowers purpure barbed vert and seeded Or.

21. Belen Bat Kedar (October 2004 - Baroness Deborah & Baroness Katheline)


     Blazon:  Per fess enarched sable and azure, two cinquefoils argent pierced azure and an owl rising guardant wings elevated and addorsed argent.

22. Gepa of SunDragon (October 2005 - Baroness Katheline)


     Blazon: Azure, a bull (aurouch) statant contourny regardant within an orle argent.

23. Nastas'ia De Lucian (Volkovicha) (October 2006 - Baroness Katheline)


     Blazon:  Per pale azure and purpure, two chevronels braced Or and in base a wolf’s head erased contourny argent.

24. Isabelle le Charpentier de Normandie (October 2007 - Baroness Katheline & Baroness Theresa)


     Blazon:  Per chevron azure and argent, two decrescents and a cross fleury counterchanged.

25. Isuelt inghean ui Threasaigh (October 2008 - Baroness Theresa)


     Blazon:  Or, a sword purpure between two hummingbirds rising respectant, beaks crossed in saltire surmounting the        sword’s point vert.

26. Anabel de Chesehelme (October 2009 - Baroness Theresa)


     Blazon:  Azure, three sunflowers Or slipped and leaved vert, a chief vair.

27.Gwenfrewi of Abergavenny (October 2010 - Baroness Theresa & Baroness Viola)


28.Sigrid the Generous (October 2011 - Baroness Viola)


     Blazon: Argent, two flamingos statant respectant proper and a bordure vert.

29. THL Gepa of SunDragon (October 2012 - Baroness Viola)


     Blazon: Azure, a bull (aurouch) statant contourny regardant within an orle argent.

30. Lady Emma Makeblise

30. Lady Moira O'Droogan

31. Lady Jacqueline de Bretagne

32. Lady Octavia Maria

33. Lady Aurora Faw


34. Lady Ermisinde de Champagne