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The Blue Sword

Since won upon that Day
The Blue Sword has shone the way
In shadow and in light
From the Baroness hand a Champion will fight the night

For it was Baroness Alice Carvilsdottir that would chose first, His Lordship Thoraulf Gunderson first among all champions.

In the Aten light to Baroness Cheri did the sword travel, and with her guiding hand Baron Master Maginfred Beorhtmaer Uhtric, Jeff the Giant, Baron Master Nootka Karlsefni, and Anaieran Peabody were each chosen to bear the blue sword

In quiet presence unto Baroness Gilda Nootka’s wife did the sword arise, from her patient controlling hand did Sir Lawrence, Lord Patrick Shannon of Newhall, and His Royal Majesty Arthur O’Flaherty accept the mantle of the blue sword.

With Grace did Baroness Tamira step forth with the sword and claim Lord Marcus Finially Bond, Master Joseph McFadden and Lord Otto Blaushield to carry forth the blue sword

Upon strands of lace did Baroness Rowan take forth the sword and find Captain Eirik Ising Steingrim, Baron Sir Matthew Alexandros Casca, Count Sir Balor Mac Falechoin, and from Vallhalla on high Lord Otto Blaushield to weild the blue sword.

With eyes sparkling did Baroness Tatiana the midwife bear forth the sword and claim Lord Colum Mac Eoghain Ui Niall, Lord Deitrich Neiblung and Master Iago Goff to bear the blue sword.

Upon the Dragons roar did Baroness Deborah Ines Glass strike forth with the sword and chose Lord Davor Drizislav, Lord Sebastian de Rolstoun and Thegn Robert Angus to marshall the sword unto battle.

In service of realm did Baroness Katherine command the sword unto Lady Rosalinda Kesselheim, Lor Fregus MacInnes and Lord Dugan MacAlec to bear the mantle of the blue sword.

In devote kindness did Baroness Teresa walk with the sword unto the masses and find Lord Ygvar Ottoson, Lord Liam, and Lord Jacob to command it unto war.

Now Baroness Viola radiant in the Aten Sun stands with the blue sword, who will she chose?
(Master Michael of Worcester is her chosen one.)

(given for the website by Captain Eirik Ising Steingrim)