Once a champion, always a champion!

1 The Honorable Lord Thorolf Gunderson Thorolf Gunderson Counter-ermine,
a sword inverted
proper surmounted
 by a boar passant
 to sinister, all
within a bordure or.
2 Master Maginfred
 Beorhtmaer Uhtric
Not currently available
3 Jeff the Giant Not currently available Not currently
4 Theign Nootka Karlsefni Nootka Karlsefni
5 Master Aneirin Ynis
Aneirin Ynis Peaboadie Gyronny of six palewise sable and argent, on a chief gules a griffin contourny Or.
6 Sir Lawrence Not currently available
Not currently
7 Patric Shannon
 of Newhall
Not currently available
Per fess embowed
 and purpure,
a fess embowed
 between a mullet
 of four points and
 a crab tergiant
 inverted argent.
8 Duke Arthur O'Flaherty Arthur O'Flaherty Erminois, a saltire parted and fretted sable, overall a shamrock vert.
9 Lord Marcus Finelly
Marcus Finlly Bond Not currently

10 Master Joseph Walter
Joseph Walter McFadden  Quarterly erminois and sable, in bend two trefoils slipped vert, a bordure counterchanged sable and Or.
11 Lord Otto
Not currently available Otto Blauschield
12 Captain Eirik Ising
Eirik Ising Steingrim Azure, in pale a pair of crampons in saltire and a falcon rising, wings displayed and inverted Or, a bordure   erminois.
13 Count Matthias
Alexandros Casca
Mattias Alexandros Casca Argent, goutty de sang, a pair of hands erased gules."
14 Sir Balor MacFaelechoin Balor MacFaelechoin Per pale gules and argent, two dragons combatant counterchanged, on a base embattled Or a Celtic cross sable.
15 Lord Otto
Not currently available Azure, a fret argent, a bordure ermine.
16 Lord Colum
Mac Eoghain ui Neill
Colum Mac Eoghain ui Neill Per pale argent and azure, two lions combatant, in chief a sun counterchanged.
17 Master Deitrich Neblung Deitrich Neblung Gules, two swords in saltire and on a chief argent three dragon's heads couped gules.
18 Master Iago Goff Iago Goff Or a bend sinister embattled on the upper edge between two tygers passant countourny azure.
19 Lord Davor Drizislav Not currently available
Per bend argent and sable, a unicorn rampant and a hawk stooping contourny counterchanged.
20 Lord Sebastian de Rolstoun Sebastian de Rolstoun Per pale sable and argent a pall between three ermine spots counterchanged.
21  Theign Robert Aonghus
 of Loch Mohre
Robert Aonghus of Loch Mohre Per chevron Or and azure, two thistles vert and a scorpion Or.
22 Her Ladyship Rosalinda
 Gertrude Kesselheim
Rosalinda Gertrude Kesselheim Per fess vert and gules, a peacock in its pride, a bordure Or.
23 Lord Fergus MacInnes Fergus MacInnes
24 Lord Dugan MacAlec
Not currently
25 Lord Yngvarr
Yngvarr Ottosson Quarterly sable and azure, a stag rampant argent and a bordure ermine.
26 Lord Liam MacColum Not currently available
Not currently
27 Lord Jakob
 inn Rammi
Jakob inn Rammi Per bend gules and sable, a sword argent winged Or.
28 Master Michael
 of Worcester
Michael of Worcester Or, in pale a fox statant to sinister sable, maintaining in its mouth a squirrel purpure, and a mount sable.
29 Lord Gereon
der Betruger
Gereon Lautermilch der Betruger
Sable, on a roundel argent an hourglass vert.
30 Lord Gabriel Boyle Gabriel

 31  Lord Godfrey
von Rothenburg
ob der Tauber
 32  Baron Gefroi le Gris    
 33  Lord Cullen Ellis    
 34  Lord Wolff Shultz