Champions of the Barony of SunDragon

The Sundragon Champion is unique in the SCA in how this position is appointed. In most other SCA groups, the champion is usually the winner of an armored combat competition.  In the Barony of Sundragon, however, the Champion (also referred to as the "Overall Champion") is chosen by the Baroness following a day of rigorous competition that includes competing in all martial styles (armored and rapier combat, as well as target archery), participation in period dance, vocal heraldry or bardic performance, a written test, and an interview with the Coronet of Sundragon. 

The Champion is responsible for the protection of the baroness, and with coordinating the baronial guard.  The Champion works very closely with the Baronial Chatelaine. In Sundragon, it is understood that once a member is selected as a Champion, they are always considered to be a champion, even after their official tenure is complete, and are expected to serve in that capacity whenever called upon to do so.

Members who have been previously chosen include those excelling in any of the matial areas, and many have gone on to be recognized as peers of the Society, Coronets of Sundragon, and even Atenveldt royalty. 

The Badge of the Sundragon Champion

This is Flame, The Sword of the Champion of Sundragon.

By Tradition, Flame is handled only by the champion, or someone that the champion designates, in protection of the Baroness of Sundragon

Current Sundragon Champion:

Lord Edward Harrison

List of past Champions