The Baroness and Baron of Sundragon

Baroness Jacqueline and Baron Gefroi Welcome You
to the Barony of Sundragon

All may feel at home in the halls of the dragon!

It is with great joy and Honor that we welcome you to the Lands of SunDragon!

If you are new to the Barony of Sundragon and/or the SCA, please check out our Newcomer's page HERE

The Barony of SunDragon has a rich and prosperous 30 year history within the Society for Creative Anachronism. It is Our desire to always assist Our populace to continue this prosperity by assisting them in reaching their goals and helping them to achieve their dream.

The Sundragon motto is  Honor Before Victory.  Honor comes in many forms: honorable and noble actions upon the fighting field, songs and stories of valor told around the fire, or even simple words of kindness to our chosen family when they need them. 

We believe very strongly in the "family" that our populace comprises.  Our heraldry includes a rainbow, with several distinct colors. Like those colors, our populace members have several distinct interests and backgrounds. As a rainbow doesn't exist without ALL of its colors, our baronial family doesn't exist without the sum of our interests and talents. ALL are welcome in the Sundragon family.

Whether you have been part of the SunDragon family for years or are new to our glorious lands, We hope that the information you find here will help point you in the right direction to find and enhance your dream. 

For more information, and to contact members of the barony, check us out on Facebook: HERE

You may also contact the Baroness and Baron directly via e-mail - HERE

Vivat the Dream!!

Jacqueline         Gefroi
Baroness             Baron

Meet the two approved War Dragons for the Barony of SunDragon